2021 Civil Engineering Meetings sponsored by EXTRACO, concluded with a Christmas concert

The activities planned within the 2021 7th Civil Engineering Meetings, held on 19 December at the Church of Santiago, in A Coruña, concluded with a Christmas concert. The CARABÉ choir performed an a capella program —fully made up by Christmas carols and music— with pieces that ranged from the Renaissance to the current date. Mr. Enrique Urcola, dean of the Galician Civil Engineering Association, was in charge of the concert presentation, which was attended by a large audience.

The Civil Engineering Meetings are annually organized by the professional association to promote and disseminate among the society the work carried out by this group. In order to do so, they are supported by civil engineering and construction companies, such as EXTRACO.

Apart from this concert, the activities developed in the 2021 edition included dissemination initiatives for the general public, such as different round tables on issues related to the profession, as well as the exhibition “Diseñar Puentes” (Designing Bridges), opened to the public at Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza in A Coruña during last June and July. The exhibition was opened by Mr. Miguel Ángel Carrillo, national chairman of Civil Engineering Association, and Ms. Ethel Vázquez, regional minister of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Xunta de Galicia.