Quality, Environment and Prevention

Bearing in mind the company’s commitment towards its customers and to strictly comply with the legal requirements, accidents and/or incidents prevention and with the company’s involvement as regards environmental protection, it has set up as part of its organization an Integrated System based on Quality standards UNE-EN ISO 9001, the Environment UNE-EN ISO 14001, and the Health and Safety ISO 45001, all of them certified by AENOR with numbers ER-0739/2000, GA-2002/0122 and SST-0195/2009.

The Integrated System has as a purpose that of looking for ongoing improvement of the developed methodology for all the aspects of the company and at all times, ensuring the protection of the workers’ health at all activities and processes and informing, training and sensitizing its employees so that they will work safely and follow the quality and environmental standards in place.

Similarly, the company, sensitized with the importance of immediately incorporating to its processes the latest technological advances to improve competitiveness and offer an innovative production system, it has obtained a certification in R&D&i based on standard UNE-EN ISO 166003, certified by AENOR with number IDI-0021/2011.

The company also has the certificate of Energetic Management Systems, based on standard UNE-EN ISO 50001, certified by AENOR with number GE-2015/0028.

Environmental Performance.

EXTRACO, S.A. is an environmentally-friendly company that implements the applicable legislation in force and the requirements of the interested parties. Thus, every year, the company assesses and analyzes its Environmental Performance, obtaining all the significant aspects related to the activities carried out, which become environmental goals, closing its Continuous Improvement cycle.

In 2019, the company aimed to recover the reclaim asphalt pavement waste in its plant of firms production, situated in Allariz, Ourense. That year, the procedures to become an  authorized waste management entity  were initiated. In 2020, the administrative record was in its final approving stage by the Regional Ministry of Environment-Xunta de Galicia. The company expects to initiate this activity over the first half of 2023.

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