Investee Companies

Even if the International scenario is one of the pillars on which Extraco S.A. development expectations stand on, its activity in Spain becomes the main support of the company and the root for its actual strength. Its strategic interest towards increasing its level of competitiveness in the national market has taken it to diversify its sector-specific structure through active participation in different organizations or temporary joint ventures.

Administrative Concessions

Aucel S.A.

Created in the year 2009, this corporation built and runs the high-capacity road which connects Das Rías Baixas Carriageway (A-52) with the town of Celanova (Ourense).

Concesionaria Santiago-Brión S.A. (Concessionaire)

Incorporated for the building and operation of the Santiago-Brión Carriageway (AG-56) which is 15 km in length and which also includes the variant which joins the population of As Galanas (N-550) with Pardiñas (AG-52).

Construction Companies

Ged Integral S.A.

With headquarters in Cáceres and incorporated in 2002, it focuses on all types of works and services, both in the building and environmental areas. The company has a qualified technical and management team. It prepares studies of environment impact for public administrations, companies and private clients.

It specializes in environmental restoration, forestry works, re-forestations, green areas, parks, gardens and leisure and recreation areas.


“El Robledo 10” photovoltaic farm

Solar farm situated in Ciudad Real, with a total installed power of 96 KW and a surface area of 0.4 hectares.


Turismo de Ourense S.A.

The company was formed in 2009, with the purpose of managing and promoting all those services which contribute to tourist and building development, operation, commercialization and research of hotel equipment and infrastructure and its restoration. A company fostered by Concello de Ourense [Municipal Council of Ourense].