Sponsor of the 5th Meeting of Civil Engineers 2019

Extraco has decided to join the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Galician Association of Civil Engineers by directly collaborating in the celebration of the 5th Meeting of Civil Engineers 2019, organized by the association throughout the entire year 2019.

In order to commemorate these four decades of history, the current governing board has started an extensive program of activities and events to be developed throughout the year, including technical workshops, round tables and courses on different topics —such us the railroad, cleaning up, water or mobility—, exhibitions, publication of books, sports tournaments, ceremonies as a tribute to the engineers who have been working for 50 years, or the awarding of the Prize San Telmo to the most representative civil engineering work in Galicia, finished in the last two years. This year, the award goes to the divided highway that gives access to A Coruña (stretch As Lonzas-Zapateira and V-14 Thirs Round Stretch III).

The main event of this 5th Meeting will be the Gala for the awarding of medals to the Association Merit in Galicia. At this event, still pending of date, the members of the association who have developed actions of unquestionable value and involving outstanding contributions to the prestige of the profession will be acknowledged. In addition, commemorative badges will be given to the members who have been working for 25 years in the profession and new members will be received. Also, during the gala, a video will be played, showing the most highlighting pieces of work of the companies sponsoring the event, like Extraco. Further information at: