Civil engineering students from the University of Santiago de Compostela pay a visit to the Ourense-Celanova motorway

Last June, students from the Civil Engineering program at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) paid a technical visit to the Ourense-Celanova motorway (AG-31). They visited the traffic control center set up at the Operation and Monitoring Site in A Manchica (A Merca, Ourense), located close to the motorway’s central link.

Not only did the students get a chance to see the screen system used to monitor traffic in real time, but EXTRACO’s technical staff also explained the safety features present in the infrastructure to avoid issues like wrong flows of traffic or animal intrusions. Moreover, they saw the elements used to count the number of vehicles that use the motorway daily (“shadow toll”).

Students also visited the facilities and means aimed at guaranteeing proper circulation during the winter months (salt deposits, brines, and snowplows). They were later taken to EXTRACO‘s asphalt concrete manufacturing plant in the industrial park of Chorente, Allariz, where the visit ended.

This activity is part of EXTRACO‘s Corporate Social Responsibility. The company regularly supports a myriad of higher education institutions in Galicia through R&D&I projects, sponsoring and training activities.

The Ourense-Celanova motorway (AG-31) is a high-capacity road over 20 km long. It connects the Rías Baixas-A-52 motorway with the town of Celanova (Ourense). Opened in 2013 to provide service to an area of more than 130,000 people, EXTRACO helped build the motorway following very high safety and comfort standards. Concession company AUCEL, S.A., of which EXTRACO is also part, is currently operating it.