The overpass to access the Bus Station of Pontevedra is in its final construction phase

The works of the Bus Station of Pontevedra experienced important progress during the last month of May as the construction of the overpass to access the station from Avenida de Josefina Arruti began. The following drone images show the construction process of this overpass, which crosses over a stretch of the Gafo River and will be for the exclusive use of buses to access the new bays.

These works, undertaken by Extraco for the Consellería de Infraestruturas e Mobilidade (Regional Ministry of Infrastructures and Mobility) of the Xunta de Galicia (Galician Regional Government), are part of the project for the new intermodal station of Pontevedra. Between the exterior works commissioned to Extraco, we can highlight the aforementioned overpass, the reconfiguration of the former parking lot of the station and the environmental rehabilitation of a stretch of the Gafo River (the closest to Avenida da Estación), which will be uncovered and will have a wooden pedestrian walkway for the use of the neighbors. The works also included a covered walkway that connects the bus station with the train station.

This stage of the intermodal station is expected to be finished by the end of this summer.