The new sanitary landfill of Huaura (Perú), built by EXTRACO, fully operative six month after its opening

At the North of Lima (Perú), the new sanitary landfill of the province of Huaura is now fully operative, available to a population of over 190,000 people. Thanks to its implementation, the habitants of Hualmay, Huaura, Santa María, Vegueta, Caleta de Carquín and Huacho districts no longer need to dispose their waste without being separated or previously treated to the council landfill at the South of Huacho, which has been definitely closed.

This sanitary landfill –built by EXTRACO– is part of the comprehensive system of solid waste management promoted by the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) of the Republic of Perú. It has a surface of 4 hectares and a capacity of waste storage for an estimated period of 10 years. This period can be extended if necessary, as there are 40 surrounding hectares available.

The facilities are also composed of an organic waste treatment plant and a separation plant of non-organic, recyclable and reusable materials. To co-finance this work, the Ministry of the Environment received support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The official opening of the new facilities was held on 13 May this year and the president of the Republic of Perú, Francisco Sagasti, was present. He highlighted that these types of initiatives help to improve and protect the country’s environment. Moreover, Sagasti emphasized that the inaugurated work shows the cooperation work between local and central governments.