Extraco starts the structural improvement works of road LO-20 in Logroño

Extraco started this October the works to improve the surface structure of road LO-20 that passes through Logroño, from the border with the communities of La Rioja and Navarre until the crossroads at different level between the divided highway A-13 and the street Madre de Dios in Logroño. These works required significant investment and will take approximately 10 months.

The company will restore the structure of the road, including the stretch, junctions and service roads at different kilometers of the LO-20 and of different roads, i.e. A-12 and A-13. In total, 9.6 km of the divided highway will be restored, at both sides of LO-20; 1.4 km of A-12 and 3.07 km of A-13. The actions will be mainly developed in the council of Logroño, although there is a small area belonging to the municipality of Navarrete.

The works include an important action to recover these roads, damaged over time and by intensive traffic. Thus, the current rolling layer will be replaced, drilling and putting back the intermediate layer in different areas of the roads, as well as in the main junctions and intersections located within the area of action, owned by the State.  

With this restoration, the roads will be safer and noise pollution will be reduced, since the daily traffic in this area is very intense.