Reinforcement of the pillars of the Castro Urdiales Seafront Promenade

The works for the reinforcement of the pillars of the Seafront Promenade of Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, continue apace and are expected to be completed by this summer. The works started last October with a term for completion of six months, but Extraco had to stop the works on several occasions during this winter as a result of severe storms that affected the area.

The aim of these works, commissioned by the Regional Ministry of Public Works of Cantabria, is to repair all the pillars of the promenade, along a stretch that is 400 meters long and 10 meters wide. For that purpose, the reinforced concrete was first refurbished with an anti-corrosion protective material. The planned action also involves the application of fiberglass to encase the pillars and liquid concrete to coat them. In addition, the works include some repairs on the slabs where there are drainage components.

Along with Extraco, Misturas is also taking part in this project. Together they are the “Estructura Puerto Castro Urdiales” temporary joint venture.