The firemen of La Rinconada inaugurate a new building for the regional station

The Sevillian municipality of La Rinconada recently inaugurated the new building for the regional fire station, built by Extraco by request of the Provincial Council of Seville. The works involved a new building with a basement (warehouse and parking), ground floor (hangar for intervention vehicles and their installations, training room and locker rooms), first floor (meeting room, offices, bedrooms, dining room, and gym), and a practice tower.

The plot occupied by the building exceeds 2700 square meters (about 1600 of built area) and has three courtyard areas. The building is located next to the facilities of the so-called Central Mixta de Seguridad (Mixed Security Center), shared by the Local Police and the Civil Guard, and the Civil Protection headquarters, making up a complex that has adopted the nickname “City of Security”.