Extraco raises environmental awareness among students in Peru

The Peruvian Branch of Extraco S.A has held several informative sessions in high schools to raise awareness among the students about the importance of protecting the environment.
This initiative was developed through several talks given by the end of 2018 that are part of the awareness and dissemination actions of the work “Construction of the Landfill Infrastructure for the cities of Tarapoto, Morales, La Banda de Shilcayo, Cacatachi, Juan Guerra and Sauce, province of San Martín – San Martín”. These works have been promoted by the Provincial Municipality of Tarapoto and executed by Extraco.
More specifically, the informative sessions were addressed at high school and higher education students of the schools I.E.S. Tarapoto, I.E.S. Juanita del Carmen Sánchez Rojas and I.E.S. José María Arguedas. In addition, a training workshop was held, addressed to environmental engineering students of the Universidad Peruana Unión and the Escuela Técnico Superior PNP – ETS Tarapoto.