Ged Integral helps extinguish a fire in Sierra de Gata

The company Ged Integral, one of Extraco’s investees, actively contributed to extinguishing a vast fire in Villabuenas de Gata, Cáceres, last August. This event, reported by different media and portals, was recounted by through the words of Carlos Asensio, who is in charge of the company in the areas of Sierra de Gata and Las Hurdes and collaborated in suffocating the flames for several hours.

Ged Integral put all of their material resources at the authorities’ disposal in order to fight the fire. Staff were also sent from Cáceres to take part in the operations.

Ged Integral’s and Extraco’s management teams were continuously in touch with their workers, putting all the available material at the disposal of Sierra de Gata to help put out the fire.

Alongside Carlos Asensio, around fifty neighbours from Santibáñez el Alto and Villasbuenas de Gata worked very hard during the 6th August to prevent the flames from spreading westwards and crossing the EX-109 road.

Ged Integral S.A. was incorporated in 2002 and has its head office in Cáceres. It provides works and services both in the construction industry and in environmental fields, specialising in forestry, reforestation, environmental restoration, green spaces, parks, gardens, and leisure areas.

Some of the projects developed in Sierra de Gata are the swimming pool in Torre de Don Miguel, the adaptation of several irrigation channels, and various forestry projects in Robledillo de Gata and La Almenara.