The company entered the Portuguese market after the execution of structural reforms and consolidated its activity with a permanent office in Lisbon.

Extraco settled down in Portugal in December 2009 with the “Valorizaçao do Cais Comercial do Porto da Figueira da Foz” work and it has been working ongoingly there ever since. It has a permanent office in Alcochete, to the south of Lisbon. The company establishment in that country has also translated into its participation in activities of a technical nature, with a seminar on corrosion in Figueira da Foz or a meeting of Spanish and Portuguese civil engineers to analyse the development of the profession in the Iberian Peninsula.

The main works the company from Orense has taken part of in Portugal, besides the abovementioned commercial pier, have been the rehabilitation of the building elements of the sanitation system of Ría de Aveiro, the Pedorido bridge on Arda River, the biological reactor of ETAR de Valmaior (Albergaria A Velha) or a draining pontoon at ER 374 Roadway, as well as the environmental and landscaping improvement of Murallas de Elvas surroundings. Nowadays, it is executing the coastline project at Barra Beach and the treatment works of the bottom galleries and water inlets of the Lucefecit dam, apart from other projects at a larger scale.

At Figueira da Foz, it participated in a seminar entitled “Inspection, diagnosis and repairing of structures exposed to the marine environment.” There, apart from the offer of a lecture on rehabilitation of structures (which was in charge of the company of engineers Francisco Rodriguez, our representative in Portugal, and Francisco Javier Prego, from the R&D&i Department), Extraco was in charge of the representation (of the image) of an innovating system of cathode protection against corrosion in concrete structures, installed at the commercial pier of Figueira da Foz Harbour, in the mouth of Mondego River.