Extraco executes its first project in Peru with a paved area of 82 blocks in Celendín

Extraco has just begun the execution of its first project in Peru, specifically in the city of Celendin, capital of the province of the same name, located in the district of Cajamarca, in the North of the country, near the Andes. It is about the paving of streets in an area occupied by a total of 82 blocks on the suburbs of the town.

The company started its activity in the Andean country some months ago, as part of the operation of internationalization of its business that began three years ago with its first work in Portugal. The Peru project called: Installation of tracks and paths of 82 blocks in the city of Celendín, includes the paving of an area of approximately 75.000 m2 with a variable width between 7,5 meters and 14.70 meters, and setting up other 16,600 of 1 meter wide sidewalks.

The work will be executed in partnership with the Peruvian company Corrales Ingenieros S.R.L.. Rigid asphalt concrete will be used to maintain consistency with the already paved city center. The population benetited from the project is about 25.892 celendin inhabitants, locating the whole area on the suburbs of the town.

Execution time of the work is 210 days since the date of disposition of the land, in late January. The budget is 14.834.326 nuevos soles, that is to say, about 4,3 million of euros.