Extraco collaborates in the organization of a technical conference on the sustainability of civil works boosted by Misturas

Extraco collaborates in the organization of the I Technical Conference entitled Sustainability in civil works construction: new perspectives. This conference is boosted by the building company Misturas in order to celebrate its 25th anniversary, to be held on 18th June in Allariz (Ourense).

The conference, also supported by the City Council of Allariz, will bring together around one hundred people, including technicians from different administrations, companies and universities.

Several R&D&i initiatives in which Extraco takes part will be presented in the conference, such as the “Biovalvo” project, for the valuation of mussel shells in construction, developed by a consortium of companies and institutions like CITEEC (Civil Engineering and Building Technological Innovation Center) and the University of La Coruña. The “Sitegi” project will also be explained. It optimizes the application of technology integrated systems for the management of road infrastructure with the aim of reducing maintenance costs. Misturas and Extraco, among other companies, and the University of Vigo are also participating in this action.

Two more conferences will be held concerning road techniques adapted to climate change and the use of cold bituminous mixes made with waste from construction and demolition.

This first edition of the conference also includes a technical visit to the chipboard cold and hot manufacturing plants that the companies Misturas and Extraco have at the industrial area of Chorente, also in Allariz. The people attending will have the chance to check by themselves the results of the aforementioned “Biovalvo” and “Sitegi” projects.