The new administrative complex “ESPAZO AMIZAR” in A Coruña is now ready for operation after serveral open days.

The new administrative complex “Espazo Amizar”, built by an EXTRACO-Gómez Crespo joint venture for the Xunta de Galicia, has been operating full since last February, after 280 staff members of the Social Policy, Employment and Equal Opportunities Department were successfully transferred and all planned services were made available to the public.

Previously, more than 4,000 residents had the chance to visit the new “Espazo Amizar” complex thanks to the local government’s decision to hold several open days and share with the locals the reopening of the former health delegation in street Gregorio Hernández. During these visits, the building’s history and rehabilitation process were carefully explained, together with the building’s 6,300 sqm new layout.

The delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in A Coruña, Mr. Gonzalo Trenor, participated in one of these visits and highlighted that the “Espazo Amizar complex is a singular, innovative and state-of-the-art project from an architectural point of view”. He went on to further explain the three main actions undertaken. Firstly, the administrative space belonging to the Xunta de Galicia was integrally rehabilitated to build the new service complex, distributed between the prism 5-storey building with a rectangular floor, and the oval 4-storey building. Both constructions are connected by a passageway and share an assembly hall. Secondly, they renovated the former medicalized facility to transform it into the future headquarters of the 061 Emergency Services. Lastly, outdoor works were carried out to create a common square, independent accesses and new parking areas.

Furthermore, the new building sets a space aside for nonprofit entities (to be assigned by public tender until the 12 stores available in the building are taken).