The geothermal heating and cooling system of the project GEO4RADON, led by Extraco, is being tested

Through the month of December, testing has been performed on the prototype developed in the R&D&i project “GEO4RADON: Forecasting and improvement of geothermal heating and cooling systems and analysis of the influence of soundings on radon gas diffusion.” Once the high-performance heat pump with improved features was installed in the container where the prototype is located, its different parts were attached to the general collector: piping from geothermal energy collection fields, impeller pumps, unit heater, and thermal solar energy panels, thus completing the circuit built in EXTRACO’s main facilities in Ourense. The integrated control program developed (see image) allows analyzing, among other target parameters of the project, the temperature ranges of the drilling wells and the presence of radon gas in soundings, studying the interaction between the wells and their evolution over time. During the first quarter of 2021, a public event that disseminates the final results of this project will be held. Such project has been co-funded by the Galician Agency of Innovation – GAIN, Regional Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Regional Government of Galicia, in the three-year period 2018-2020, through ERDF Funds, in the program CONECTAPEME 2018 (Ref. IN852A 2018/38).