The Ardán Report includes EXTRACO in the ranking of Galician smart companies.

Extraco has been included, for the first time, among the Galician “smart companies” in the Ardán Galicia 2020 Report, which annually offers an analysis of the economy in the community from a business perspective. This study, conducted by the Free Trade Zone of Vigo in collaboration with the Ardán Chair of the University of Vigo (UVigo), analyzed 1200 companies in the Galician business fabric, selecting the 140 organizations that show a higher added value per employee, based on various indicators of business relevance such as the financial profitability of the company, employment stability, investment in R&D or gender balance.

Extraco also keeps the Ardán Innovative Company 2020 Indicator, which highlights the R&D efforts made by the company in the last year.

More information available at: Ranking ARDÁN Empresas Inteligentes