Extraco strengthens its safety protocols in response to the COVID-19 crisis

Following the recommendations of the health authorities and in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, EXTRACO has strengthened its safety protocols to prevent transmission between employees, providers, subcontractors and clients. One of the first actions taken by the company has been conducting studies on the risks associated to each construction project, adjusting the different safety and health plans to the recommendations in order to efficiently confront any possible contingencies during the health crisis.

Other measures taken are restructuring workstations and installing protective screens to maintain an adequate safety distance; disinfecting each of the work areas daily, including offices (computers, phones, office supplies), construction worksites (tools and machinery), and common areas (restrooms, hallways, doors, huts and dumpsters).

Quarantine periods have been established for any documentation and materials that arrive to the facilities of the company, promoting the use of electronic tools and systems of videoconference and intranet in order to restrict the movement of people, reduce the number of meetings and maintain the social distancing and personal hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Preventive material to reduce infection between workers is also being provided, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and products of individual disinfection for each employee, which allows to reinforce the safety measures, both at worksites and the company’s facilities.

To the extent possible, the company is planning to operate normally, complying with the health recommendations, the action protocols laid down by the authorities and the guidelines established in agreement with the Prevention Service, monitoring the evolution of the crisis daily to act in accordance with any new instructions if needed.