The students of IES de Soutomaior (Pontevedra) visit Arcade’s wastewater treatment plant

Year 1 ESO students of Secondary School IES de Soutomaior (Pontevedra) visited Arcade’s wastewater treatment plant, whose management and maintenance is in hands of a consortium made up by EXTRACO and Asteisa.

During the educational visit on 16 December, 87 Biology and Geology students participated in this visit and they studied in situ the final stages of the complete water cycle management with the plant’s personnel.

Arcade’s wastewater treatment plant, property of Soutomaior’s Council and managed by Augas de Galicia, is located at the end of the Vigo estuary, in Pontevedra, and it purifies the water in an area of great environmental value and with a high potential in the shellfish industry.

This training activity falls within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility’s actions programmed by EXTRACO during 2021.

Esta actividad de apoyo formativo se enmarca en las acciones de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial programadas por EXTRACO a lo largo del año 2021.