Extraco is awarded the extension of three campuses of the Technological University of Panama

Extraco has been awarded an important project in Panama: the “Design, construction and fitting of buildings for the regional centers of the Technological University of Panama (UTP)”.

The initiative, provided with a budget of more than 15 million balboas, envisages the extension of three university campuses of the UTP, Coclé, Azuero and Veraguas, located in the interior of the country.

In the case of the campus of Azuero, located in the city of Santos, a two-floor library, a student assistance building, a cafeteria and a warehouse will be built, as well as sports areas, highlighting a basketball court. A period of 18 months has been established for the design and building of the extension works of this campus.

At the campus of Coclé, in the city of Penonomé, the project involves the creation of a big building for classrooms, a lab building and a water treatment plant. The period to design and execute the works amounts to 26 months.

Finally, in the Regional Center of Veraguas (Santiago), Extraco will build a multipurpose two-floor building with space for classrooms and laboratories, according to a project provided by the UTP. Apart from constructing the building, they will have 18 months to also build an outdoor parking space.

In the three campuses, Extraco will also be in charge of the landscape gardening and vial adaptation, as well as of the supply of furniture and equipment for the common areas.