Our activity

Urban development of the Business Park of Morás (phase B) in Arteixo (A Coruña)

Urban development of a business park, with a surface of 600,000 m2, including blasting operations of the highly rocky natural land and large-scale earth [...] View Now

New Administrative Complex “Espazo Amizar” in A Coruña

Refurbishment of an administrative space belonging to the Xunta de Galicia (former Health Delegation in street Gregorio Hernández, A Coruña), integrally [...] View Now

New building for the “Contraloría General” in Las Tablas, Republic of Panamá

New building for the regional office of the “Contraloría General de la República” (the Auditors’ Court of Panamá) in the district of Las Tablas, province [...] View Now


Complete structural renovation of the Pedorido Bridge that passes over River Arda in Castelo de Paiva (Portugal). The project included the reinforcement of [...] View Now


Complete rehabilitation of 420 linear meters of the commercial dock at Puerto de Figueira da Foz (Portugal), built with reinforced concrete, which included [...] View Now


Complete rehabilitation of the Southern Collector of the sanitation system that serves the municipalities of the RIa de Aveiro in northern Portugal. The [...] View Now

New sanitary landfill of the province of Huaura (Perú)

New sanitary landfill of Huaura, located at the North of Lima (Perú), available to a population of over 190,000 habitants of Hualmay, Huaura, Santa María, [...] View Now

Ferrol-As Pontes Highway

Construction of a highway stretch between Catabois and Igrexafeita for the road AG-64 Ferrol-As Pontes. This stretch is 8.34 km in length, with two [...] View Now

Mixed-Use Buildings – Mos

Construction of a complete building for Municipal Mixed Uses of 1,091.49 m2 distributed in a ground floor and two storeys. Contracting Entity: Xunta de Galicia. View Now

Platform of the North-Northwest Corridor of the High-Speed Railway

Preparation of the project and execution of the building works of the platform of the high-speed railway corridor comprised between 306+680 and 313+680 [...] View Now

Ourense-Celanova Highway

Construction of a 22.5 km stretch of this highway and replacement of the pavement of four local roads. The works included 3 viaducts with openings of up to [...] View Now

Building for tourism and wellness activities in Berán, municipality of Leiro, Ourense

Construction of a whole building to be used as a wellness centre, with 2,165 m2 including basement, lower ground floor, and ground floor. It has several [...] View Now

Sewage network and water purification station at Cuíña-San Cibrao, in the municipality of Cervo, Lugo

The works consisted on the complete construction of a water purification station with an exhaustive activated sludge process at the industrial complex of [...] View Now

Overpass and underpasses for a railway line in Valladolid

Overpass 71 m long and 10 m wide for the Madrid-Hendaya railway line in the province of Valladolid, with four openings. Three underpasses made with on-site [...] View Now

Bridge at the Technological Park of Vigo

Building of two unidirectional lanes which connect the Technological and Logistic Park with the Second Belt Road of Vigo towards Madrid. The work included [...] View Now

Autovía del Cantábrico A-8 [Cantabrian Carriageway A-8]. Stretch: Abadín-Careira

Building of a 5,000-meter carriageway and replacement of road surface in several stretches of the roadway. It includes two viaducts with openings of up to [...] View Now

Refurbishing of the Main Building of Posts and Telegraphs in Huesca

The reforms carried out had as a purpose the differentiation of accesses according to use, the reorganization of interior space, the repairing of certain [...] View Now

Health Centre at Castro Ribeiras de Lea

Complete building in a single storey of 1,012.28 m2, built on shallow foundation with three support hubs on which four pre-stressed box girders stand. The [...] View Now

Restoration and Enlargement of Teatro Municipal Pérez Alonso [Pérez Alonso Municipal Theatre] – La Bañeza

Comprehensive restoration of the Theatre, with intervention on some of the structural elements, making of structures in wood and reinforced concrete, and [...] View Now

A Chavasqueira Thermal Baths – Ourense

Construction of thermal baths in A Chavasqueira, including the refurbishing of the existing stone building, thermal water abstraction, reconstruction of [...] View Now

Level Crossings in Monzón (Zaragoza-Barcelona line)

The actions implied the building of two overpasses, an underpass for vehicles and pedestrians, and a fourth one exclusively for pedestrian purposes. It [...] View Now

Otero Pedrayo Ave. Footbridge – Orense

Building of a metallic footbridge, as well as the spatial and urban development of the surroundings. Contracting Entity: Xunta de Galicia. View Now

Improvement of Structures at Lagares River – Vigo.

Improvement of the hydraulic capacity of Lagares River, formation of channels with a breakwater wall, mounting of pedestrian walkways, urbanization of the [...] View Now

Indoor Swimming-Pool at Academia Básica del Aire – León

Construction of a complete building to host a 25 x 12.5 meter indoor swimming-pool, dressing rooms and stalls for 400 people. The air conditioning, [...] View Now

Dock at Cabo de Cruz – Boiro

Building of a new sports nautical dock by means of a 405-meter dam with two alignments (177 meters following the direction of the already existing one and [...] View Now

Orense Fair Precinct

Precinct for fairs and exhibitions, with a built surface of 12,116.28 m2, provision of services and installation, as well as beautification and urban [...] View Now

EDAR at Cambados and Vilanova de Arousa

Installation of incoming and outgoing manifolds at Cambados and Vilanova de Arousa of the EDAR to the underwater discharge site, as well as the [...] View Now

Maintenance of the premises of the National Department of Traffic – Madrid

Preservation and maintenance of the premises of the National Department of Traffic, with location at Josefa Valcárcel N.º 28 and Emilio Muñoz N.º 41, both [...] View Now

Operation of EDAR of Arcade

The services consist in the preservation and comprehensive maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant at Arcade, with a capacity for physical-chemical [...] View Now

Maintenance of Correos Buildings

Preservation and maintenance of buildings and premises, owned, granted or rented, of Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos S.A. in Galicia, including [...] View Now

Cleaning Service at the Hospital Complex of Orense

Provision of cleaning services at Hospital Complex of Orense, including Santa María Nai Hospital, Piñor Hospital, Cristal Hospital, Materno Infantil [...] View Now

Enhancement of Infrastructure of Orense

Comprehensive maintenance and repairing of urban material of the City Council of Orense. It includes the preservation, replacement and improvement of [...] View Now

Preservation of the Autonomous Network of Galicia Carriageways (Zone: Pontevedra-Sur)

It comprises systematic or sporadic surveillance actions, accidents assistance and any other actions derived from emergency situations in such a way that [...] View Now

Operations for the Preservation of the A Coruña Roadways

Activities related with management of preservation, maintenance and help at the roadway in several carriageways of the province of A Coruña. Forest [...] View Now

Preservation and Maintenance of Rías Baixas Carriageway A-52

Preservation and maintenance of a 91.1 km stretch of the Rías Baixas Carriageway (A-52) situated in all its extension within the province of Ourense, [...] View Now

Ordering of the Otero Pedrayo and Curros Enríquez Crossroads in Orense

Elimination of the crossing regulated by traffic lights and its substitution by a roundabout of a larger size at one of the main circulation hubs of the [...] View Now

Restoration and Conditioning of Archivo del Reino de Galicia [Archive of the Kingdom of Galicia] – A Coruña

Complete remodelling of the different storeys of the historical building of Archivo del Reino de Galicia [Archive of the Kingdom of Galicia] located in [...] View Now

Recovery of Barbaña and Barbañica Rivers – Orense

Forest clearance, levelling, factory works, channelling, pavements, gardening and lighting installations, sanitation and watering for the recovery of the [...] View Now

Cangas Auditorium

Complete building for an auditorium distributed into five storeys, with a total built surface of 5,355.95m2. Execution of a stage and yard with 700 seats [...] View Now

Removal of Level Crossings in Binéfar (Zaragoza-Barcelona line)

Building of a pedestrian undercrossing with three access ramps and enabling or re-establishment of different services. Contracting Entity: Adif. View Now

Additional works for improvement of the Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid High-Speed Line

The works consisted in the treatment and coating of ditches, raising of walls for the preparation of embankments and placing of fencing and enclosures, [...] View Now

Narón-Campo do Hospital Carriageway (AC-566)

Reordering and improvement of accesses to the AC-566 Carriageway within the scope of industrial site of As Lagoas, Municipality of Narón. Service roads, [...] View Now

Santiago-Brión Carriageway

Execution of a complete stretch of 12,580 meters of the carriageway and a 3,300-meter corridor. The work includes 13 viaducts with up to 38-meter spans and [...] View Now

Pedestrian Overpass La Rosa – A Coruña

Building over the San Cristobal Avenue of an overpass with a metallic structure and oval storey suspended on two columns by means of 44 tensioned posts. [...] View Now