• Platform of the North-Northwest Corridor of the High-Speed Railway

    Building works of the platform of the high-speed railway corridor

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  • Platform of the North-Northwest Corridor of the High-Speed Railway

    Building of the Agro tunnel, 820 meters in length

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  • Santiago-Brión Carriageway

    Entire stretch of 12.580 meters of highway.

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  • Convocatoria CONECTAPEME 2018

    New RDI projects led by Extraco have been selected by the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) in CONECTAPEME 2018

  • Mixed-Use Buildings – Mos (Pontevedra)

    Municipal multipurpose building of 1.091,49 m2

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About us

We are a company in the construction and services sector with a strong presence in the national and international markets.

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Quality and Environment

Our focus has always been that of providing the best quality, in compliance with legal requirements and environmental commitment.

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R&D&i Activity

Extraco has its own R&D&i department in charge of developing several projects.

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High-performance solar panels at Extraco’s offices

15 February, 2024

Extraco’s headquarters in the neighbourhood of A Lonia (Ourense) have an installation of 176 square metres of solar panels with a nominal power of [...]

The firemen of La Rinconada inaugurate a new building for the regional station

28 January, 2024

The Sevillian municipality of La Rinconada recently inaugurated the new building for the regional fire station, built by Extraco by request of the [...]

Aenor endorses the methodology implemented by Extraco to improve its carbon footprint

26 December, 2023

The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification (AENOR) has renewed the carbon footprint verification certificate of Extraco’s productive [...]