Making progress in the renovation works of the hydro-agricultural canal in the Sado Valley, district of Setúbal (Portugal)

The renovation works of the canal for hydro-agricultural purposes in the Sado Valley, undertaken by EXTRACO since December of 2019, are advancing at a steady pace. This agricultural irrigation canal of more than 45 km long, built in the 1940s, belongs to the city of Alcácer do Sal, district of Setúbal, south of Lisbon. The channel connects the reservoir of Pego do Altar with the channels of Santa Catarina and Comporta, shaping the primary irrigation network that serves the Associação de Beneficiários do Vale do Sado. It is an open irrigation channel with some tunnel areas and a trapezoidal section. The parts that are in a poor preservation state are being repaired, especially the original concrete and tile covering, as well as the slopes between the bridges over the canal in Palma and Malhadinhas. The renovation works are being complemented with new longitudinal drainage systems linked to the canal.